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When you do something embarrassing in front of people



Aww the kitty is adorable:)

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Who taught me to suck in my stomach,
or my cheeks?
Who told me to stand with my legs apart
and my hips thrust back
to create the illusion of a gap
between my thighs?
Who made me believe that the most beautiful part of me
is my negative space?
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Colin Morgan, 2010

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Minimalistic look at Mental Disorders

This is the only post to ever make me understand agoraphobia


okay can we just one last thing

spreading the idea that one is only triggered when having a full blown, system-shut-down panic attack is damaging and delegitimizing to people who have physiologically and emotionally different reactions to triggers.

like slow burning, long lasting unease and fear.

that’s a trigger reaction too.

please stop.

Aladdin on Broadway (x)

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"Do you think I sit around doing nothing?!"

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Teen Wolf + awkward, unnecessary yelling

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